About Wishlist Jwellery

About Our Jewellery

Made principally from sterling silver, plated in gold or rhodium, and encrusted with top quality Cubic Zirconium, WishList London pieces are instantly recognisable by their trade mark Red Sea Bamboo bead.

The addition of coloured strings adds a vivacity and versatility to the collection for dressing up or down, and spreads the appeal to a wide range of ages and tastes.

War Child

War Child protects children living in some of the worlds most dangerous war zones, including Afghanistan, Uganda and D. R. Congo.

War Child has the support of the likes of Damien Hirst, Paul Smith, Lily Allen, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Coldplay and Oasis.

We chose War Child because the philosophy behinds WishList’s products is very much in line with theirs. Most of WishList designs are symbols of peace and protection against evil forces.

The Evil Eye (a positive force for good)

More than just a lucky charm or superstition, the Evil Eye has been revered for thousands of years and embraced by many cultures as a symbol of unity and protection from the Evil.

The Hand of Fatima

Another ancient symbol, the Hand of Fatima dates back to drawings in the Stone Age period. The hand represents divine protection, freedom and co-exsistence. It is the hand of light, directing humanity towards brightness, inner spirituality and peace.

The Red Bamboo Bead

A WishList signature, making our pieces instantly recognisable, the Red Sea Bamboo bead was regarded as the Seventh Treasure in Buddhist Scriptures, and as a strong talisman against evil spirits.

It is often given to children, as a charm against accidents; it is believed to bring good fortune to the home and to protect those who work on or near water.